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World Cocktail Day!

Tuesday, 09 April 2019
World Cocktail Day!
To celebrate world cocktail day, we sat down to get to know a little more about the man behind the taps Shaun Morris to find out the overall concepts and ideas behind the reshuffle of our new cocktail menu. 

What’s the overall concept/idea behind the new menu?

I think firstly, I just wanted to have fun with it and for our menu to be enjoyable for our customers, creating drinks that match our unique decor within the hotel with their aesthetics but also having great substance in terms of taste and quality. 
What’s your favourite thing about working behind a bar? 

Definitely the first thing would be the busy nights, as crazy as it may sound to some, the chaos of being absolutely rushed off your feet is probably what I enjoy the most. As well as, having the chance to be creative and expressive when developing drinks and certainly receiving good feedback on the product’s I’ve produced is always a bonus.
If you weren’t a bartender what would you be? 

I trained as a P.E teacher and that was always something I wanted to be from a young age, but I think besides that I would love to be a Chef. I have a real love for food and I think the creative nature of the job would really appeal to me.  
If your shifts had a theme song what would it be? 

I’ve always loved a song by Ninetoes called Finder and whenever it comes on while I’m working it will always give me a bit of a spring in my step. In a bar I used to work in, one of our last songs of the night would always be Bill Hornsby – The way it is, it will always remind me of good times with good people, so I think for nostalgic reasons I’d probably pick that.
What’s the strangest drink anyone has requested? 

I used to have a regular that would come in for a Large Merlot & a Red Bull and mix them together. That always made me feel a bit ill serving it, but each to their own I suppose. 

Our new menu is now live! 

Come in, grab a seat and indulge in a tipple or two! Whether you’re looking for something sweet or strong and study – we’ve got something for everyone. 

See you at The Bar!